24Listopad19:0022:00UNBROKEN (us), DEAF CLUB (us) - VYPRODÁNO / SOLD OUTvečerní show / evening show

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Why is Unbroken playing 007?
The answer is simple, it’s our favorite club in the world.
Yes, we could play a much bigger venue… but it won’t feel the same, look the same or be as intense. This wasn’t about trying to be cool, or be exclusive, it was all done out of love.
After all, we’re punks and there is nothing more punk than playing Klub 007
The world is lucky that this venue exists, in that it has survived it all since 1969.
We know it sucks if you can’t get in, we know it sucks to feel like you’re missing out, but there are bigger problems in the world.We are thankful to be playing at all, given the state of things.
That being said, we are happy to announce a second show will be added, to give people another opportunity to see us.
Let’s have fun, hug, dance and love and scream our hearts out, who knows when and if we are ever able to come back.Remember, It all started on Strahov Hill.
Love each other,



24. 11. 2024 19:00 - 22:00(GMT+02:00)